Make Full Of This Quarantine Time With Online Earning

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2020 is a year that has sent all of us into lockdown. People are staying at home and now it’s getting frustrated. So, why should you only stay home to do nothing productive? Online earning is a thing you all should move towards.

Online earning is a great thing. People are getting more awareness about it now. Everyone can earn from home as it only requires a set of skills to do online earning. There are different ways to earn money online. You can choose any way according to your interest.

  “Online earning gives you freedom to enjoy your life as you want”

Are you a new person to online earning and looking to find the best way to earn money online? Don’t worry.

A free course from Sufyan web to make your quarantine a fruitful one:

Sufyan web is here with a free course which will help teach you online skills as well as earning from those skills. The course is free of course and it can help you build your online career with positive results.

“If you are not learning something new in this quarantine time, you will not learn it in future too.”

Moving on to discussion of ways to earn money online, here is the list of skills you can offer to earn money online in 2020. You can choose the best way to earn money online from the below list.

Best ways to earn money online

Here we have shortlisted some of the best ways to earn money online:

  1. Content Writing 
  2. Graphic Designing 
  3. Web designing 
  4. Social media marketing 
  5. Digital Marketing. 

Content Writing:

You might have heard that most of the writers don’t get rich, but this isn’t true anymore. It is because the internet is offering a great advantage to earn from home. Surprisingly, content writing can bring numerous advantages including you can get to choose where and when to work and with whom. This creative and personal freedom’s promise can attract so many people. 

Here are some ways to make online earning with content writing 

  • Start writing articles for popular blogs 
  • Get paid by providing freelance content writing services 
  • Earn from home by writing Collateral for content-hungry organizations 
  • Become a best-selling kindle author 

If you are a creative writer then there are multiple ways for you to make online earnings with ease. 

Web Designing:

Do you have some technical web design and development skills and don’t know how to cash your skills? Web designing is a booming field and offers attractive ways to generate handsome revenue. Over the years, the demand for web designer roles is rising continuously.

So, this is the right time to think about turning your code into cash. Start tapping your own circle first and then begin with getting projects from freelance job sites. It is because these are the sites where your clients are residing. Bid on the projects you are capable to do, provide quality work and make money online in a more effective way. 

Graphic Designing: 

If you have some graphic designing skills then you can use it as a best way to earn money online. Popularity of the graphic designing field has been rising for the past few years. People now take courses and trainings to become professional designers. If you have some creative graphic designing skills then you can land on some lucrative ways to make money online with ease. 

  • Choose to freelance to crowdsourcing websites. 
  • Offer online graphic design courses
  • Sell merch 
  • Offer freelance graphic design services such as logo design, background removal, photo editing and more. 

There are multiple ways in the graphic design field that can get you in the world of earning money online with ease. Research properly to make a better start in this field. 

Digital Marketing:

Although there exist tons of ways to make money online, you can consider digital marketing as the best way to earn money online. It is mainly because digital marketing is a diverse field boasting various fields that can be tapped into making money online. 

Sub-fields are ranging from content marketing, email marketing, to developing marketing strategy and much more. You can choose to offer services in your specialized skills and start earning online with ease. 

Social Media Marketing:

If you are a social media expert and know the best way to promote content and grow social media accounts then this field is meant for you. Just like various other social media marketers you can connect with people and can help businesses or individuals to grow. 

You will be able to get enough money in return. Choose the right social media channels and start offering your services today. 

Freelancing platforms where you can offer your services/Skills?

After knowing about these skills, the next question in your minds will be about where can someone work to offer these services?

There are some famous platforms which help you offer your services worldwide. List is given below.


Fiverr is a great freelancing platform. It’s easy to use and it has a lot of potential customers waiting for you to work for them. You need to be good at what you do. They have a unique thing called “GIGS”. You can create gigs on your profile which will show your skills to buyers. It’s a great platform to build your career on.


Upwork is a really good platform also. It works on a bidding system. You need to use connects to send proposals to clients on their posted jobs. It has a lot of buyers also. You can do well on it if you have experience of a little bit of freelancing on other platforms.


This is another good platform to do freelancing. It is one of the oldest one. You need to do bidding on freelancer also. You can take part in different competitions as a freelancer to win some projects.


People per hour is a great platform also. It works on hourly jobs and fixed jobs also. You can join it to win more clients to increase your revenue with freelancing.


Guru is a good platform also. It has many clients on it and freelancers on this platform are increasing too. It gives you a chance to expel as a newbie. You need to have a good portfolio to increase your chances of earning on this platform.

Get use to read our blogs regularly to have guaranteed success:

We know it’s hard for you to start your careers on these platforms. Don’t worry we will guide you with our blogs to make life easy for you.

You need to keep reading our blogs series regularly. In the next blogs, we will guide you how you can join and work on these above-mentioned platforms. We will make sure that we transfer all our practical experience with our informational blog posts. 

“So, what are you waiting for now? Come and join our free course to change your lives forever.”

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